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Tayadent Classic Mouth Wash 5oz

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Non-Alcoholic Mouth Wash. Only A Few Drops On Your Tooth Brush Are Needed. Leaves Mouth With Peppermint Flavor Breath. One Bottle Of Tayadent Liquid Toothpaste Latest About Twice As Long As A 6.4 Oz Tube Of Toothpaste Fl. Kosher Under The Rabbinical Supervision Badatz Yerushalayim.

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Maintain a clean and refreshed mouth with Tayadent Classic Mouthwash (5oz)! This alcohol-free formula gently cleanses and freshens your breath, leaving you feeling confident and ready to smile. Perfect for everyday use, it's a simple and effective addition to your oral hygiene routine.

Gentle Cleansing Power:

  • Alcohol-Free Formula: This mouthwash is free of harsh alcohol, making it suitable for those with sensitive mouths or those who prefer a milder cleansing experience.
  • Freshens Breath: Effectively eliminates bad breath and lingering food odors, leaving your breath feeling minty fresh and clean.
  • Maintains Oral Health: Regular use can help reduce plaque buildup and promote overall oral health (consult your dentist for a complete oral care routine).

Convenient and Effective:

  • Kosher Certified: Suitable for those who follow a Kosher diet.
  • Easy to Use: Simply pour a small amount into your mouth, swish for 30 seconds, and spit.
  • Concentrated Formula: A few drops are all you need for a refreshing clean, making this 5oz bottle a long-lasting solution.

The Perfect Choice For:

  • Individuals seeking a gentle, alcohol-free mouthwash for everyday use.
  • Anyone who wants to maintain fresh breath and confident smiles throughout the day.
  • Those who follow a Kosher diet and require a compatible oral care product.

Experience the refreshing clean of Tayadent Classic Mouthwash!

Please note: While the description focuses on the alcohol-free formula, breath freshening, potential for improved oral health (consult a dentist), convenient size, Kosher certification, and ease of use, the specific ingredients and their benefits may vary depending on the brand. You can check the packaging for confirmation.

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