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Oriel Vanilla and Chocolate Chips 3.75oz

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Oriel Vanilla and Chocolate Chips combines both chocolate and vanilla flavors to create the perfect pudding mix.  Adds a delicious flavor to any type of baked good, especially in chocolate-vanilla based desserts.

Indulge in a classic flavor combination with Oriel Vanilla and Chocolate Chips (3.75oz)! This instant pudding mix offers a quick and easy way to create a delicious and satisfying dessert, perfect for busy weeknights, after-school treats, or spontaneous cravings.

Vanilla Meets Chocolatey Goodness:

  • Creamy Vanilla Flavor: The base of this pudding boasts a rich and creamy vanilla flavor that's universally loved.
  • Real Chocolate Chips: Semi-sweet chocolate chips are scattered throughout the pudding, adding delightful bursts of chocolatey flavor and texture in every bite.
  • Perfect Balance: The combination of smooth vanilla and decadent chocolate chips creates a flavor profile that's both familiar and exciting.

Quick and Easy to Prepare:

  • Just Add Milk: No cooking required! Simply combine the mix with cold milk and whisk for a few minutes to create a delicious and creamy pudding.
  • Ready in Minutes: This pudding mix allows you to whip up a delightful dessert in just a few minutes, perfect for busy schedules or spontaneous cravings.
  • Convenient Single Serving: The 3.75oz size offers a perfectly portioned treat, ideal for satisfying individual cravings without overindulging.

A Versatile Dessert Option:

  • Enjoy on its Own: This pudding is delicious on its own, offering a satisfying and creamy treat after a meal.
  • Get Creative: Elevate your pudding by adding a dollop of whipped cream, chopped nuts, or fresh fruit for an extra layer of flavor and texture.
  • Parfait Perfection: Layer Oriel Vanilla and Chocolate Chip pudding with granola and fruit slices to create a visually stunning and delicious parfait.

A Perfect Treat for Any Occasion:

  • Weeknight Dessert: This pudding mix is a lifesaver on busy weeknights when you need a quick and easy dessert option.
  • After-School Delight: Welcome your kids home with a delicious and satisfying after-school snack.
  • Kid-Approved Treat: The classic flavor combination of vanilla and chocolate chips makes this pudding a hit with children of all ages.

Oriel Vanilla and Chocolate Chips (3.75oz) is a delicious and convenient choice for anyone who:

  • Enjoys classic and satisfying desserts.
  • Appreciates the ease and convenience of instant pudding mixes.
  • Wants a delicious treat option for busy schedules or after-school snacks.

Treat yourself to the delightful combination of creamy vanilla and chocolate chips with Oriel Vanilla and Chocolate Chips!

Please note: While not explicitly mentioned, this pudding mix likely contains sugar and artificial flavors. You can check the packaging for confirmation.

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