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Oriel Rose Water 250ml

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Rose Water Is A Premium Rose Water From Israel That Is Excellent For Cooking And Baking. Rose Water Can Also Be Used For Skin Care And Cleansing.

  • B.A.H
  • Kosher Parve
  • Product Of Israel.

Embrace the delicate fragrance and subtle sweetness of Oriel Rose Water (250ml)! This versatile essence, extracted from rose petals, adds a touch of sophistication and floral allure to your culinary creations.

Unveiling the Allure of Rose Water:

  • Enchanting Floral Aroma: Indulge in the captivating and romantic fragrance of roses, adding a touch of elegance to your dishes and desserts.
  • Subtle Sweetness: Delicate sweet notes complement the floral aroma, offering a well-rounded flavor profile.

Elevating Sweet and Savory Dishes:

  • Enhance Baked Goods: A delightful addition to cakes, cookies, pastries, and puddings, rose water infuses them with a subtle floral and sweet touch.
  • Middle Eastern Delights: A staple ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, rose water adds a touch of magic to Turkish delight, baklava, and rice pudding.
  • Flavorful Indian Sweets: Commonly used in Indian desserts like gulab jamun and phirni, rose water adds a distinctive floral and sweet aroma.
  • Culinary Cocktail Creations (if applicable): [Double-check packaging first] Can add a unique floral note and depth of flavor to specific cocktails.

Additional Benefits:

  • Natural Ingredient: Embrace the power of nature's essence to enhance your culinary creations.
  • Versatile Applications: Explore a world of flavor possibilities with this unique ingredient.
  • Easy to Use: A few drops are enough to add a touch of floral fragrance and subtle sweetness to your dishes.

Perfect for Home Cooks Who Seek:

  • To add a unique floral and sweet dimension to their sweet and savory creations.
  • A natural ingredient to elevate the flavor profile of their dishes.
  • To explore the world of Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine.
  • A versatile ingredient that adds a touch of elegance with minimal effort.

Oriel Rose Water - Experience the magic of roses in every bite!

Please note: While the description focuses on the alluring scent, sweet and savory applications, and additional benefits, it's important to check the packaging for:

  • Confirmation of suitability for use in cocktails (if applicable).
  • Any additional ingredients or allergens.
  • Storage recommendations.

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